The Story Of The Three Brothers

-At about mid September 2009, someone unconcious threw the three kittens, even with closed eyes, alone, without their mother and fasting, in a parking lot behind our house (Iraklion, Crete). We took them home and all managed to live and grow happily and healthy. Unfortunately we could not keep them (allthough we'd love to), since we allready have we were looking for families who could give them a home and lots of love. They are very playful, spoiled darlings and purring then! There are two boys, Omorfulis (Handsome) and Hontrulis (Chubby), and a girl, Skonitsa (Powder).
They had the chance to find the families who would really love them and offer them the best conditions for a living in Holland. Following a strict control from Mirtos Animal ProjectPowder first adopted by Lian and Peter and now lives in Haarlem, 20km west of Amsterdam, and a few days later Chabby and Hondsome found the family of Esmee who adopted them both in Middelburg, the capital of Zeelend, at the southcoast.
We really want to thank Mirtos Animal Project and specially Aeila who took care of the babies at her home until she found the families.
So, the three brothers' adventure came to its end. I wish they will always be happy and lucky!

From now on, this blog will be updated as soon I have any news and fotos.

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